Web Design Services

Most people judge credibility of your business by your website design. On the other hand if your website design is great but it doesn't work for your business, then it's not worth it. We work to bring the two work together!

Web DesignServices

Did you know that 70-80% of people research a company online before deciding on whether to do business with you? Out of these a further 94% of people trust or reject your website based on your website design? This is why you need to invest in a good looking and professional website.

    Why get our professional designs?

    Your website is your customer’s first impression. A good website should help you realize increased business, show up in local searches, showcase your products and services, collect customer information, improve your business’s credibility and create the foundation for your digital marketing strategy.

    Deliver great user experience

    We don’t just deliver a website; we’ll deliver an experience to your customers. Your users will do business with you when they trust you. We’ll deliver a website that builds credibility and help your business stand out among your competitors.

    Modern and responsive designs

    More than 70% of users in Kenya access the internet via their mobile phones. So it’s imperative that you have a responsive or mobile friendly website! We not only create visually attractive designs but mobile first designs.

    Our Design Process

    Identify Customer Needs

    Requirement collection and analysis

    This is the first phase where we collect the website requirements and gather all information from every interested party. This gives a clear picture of the entire project and any anticipated issue. This is the step where we scope the timelines too.

    Feasibility Study

    Assessment of the practicality and possible implimentation

    This is where we get you a custom proposal, that is, define and document the website needs. This includes all requirements and functionalities that will be designed and developed during the project life cycle.



    This is the phase where we put together all the requirements and how they'll work together from high-level design to low level we go through all the modules, plugins, databases and functionality. We then create a beautiful, lean design to give users the best user experience while hiding the complexities underneath.



    This is where we bring in the techies and provide them with new glasses so that they can put together the necessary code to bring the website to life! It's a long boring process so we try to keep it to ourselves by determining which CMS to use or what language to use, well, unless the client wants to get involved.


    Check for Errors

    Once we are done with the geeky stuff, we test the system and also let you test the system. If anything does not function as desired, it's fixed and re-tested. This can be done severally until it's working perfectly according to the needs initially assessed.


    Moving and Installation

    After testing and removing all bugs, the system is ready to be deployed. It's checked for any issues that may arise such as version compatibility e.t.c


    Post Development

    The website doesn't stop at deployment, it needs regular checks to keep the modules and the core up to date. This makes your website less prone to hacking attempts. Apart from this maintenance help increase your traffic, strengthen Google rankings and overall maximize your return on investment.

    The world has moved, so have we!