About project

Period: Dec-Jan 2020

Client: Deliverance Church 45

Project: Website Design & Development

Deliverance Church 45 approached us for the creation of a dynamic and engaging website to enhance their online presence. They required special features such as a dynamic calendar of events, a dynamic bulletin, a gallery section, an events calendar, seamless integration with social media platforms, and the capability to live stream their services. The goal was to create a user-friendly website that effectively showcased their church’s activities and fostered engagement with their congregation and online audience.

Our Task Was

Our task was to design and develop a comprehensive website for Deliverance Church 45 that encompassed all their desired special features. We aimed to create a visually appealing and functional platform that would enable seamless management of events, sharing of information through a dynamic bulletin, showcasing of images and videos in the gallery, integration with social media channels for wider reach, and the ability to live stream services to a global audience. Our objective was to deliver a website that reflected the church’s values and provided an immersive digital experience for visitors.


Our dedicated team immersed themselves in the essence of the church, capturing its spirit, values, and mission. Through collaborative discussions, meticulous planning, and continuous feedback, we meticulously crafted a website that harmoniously blended their vision with our expertise.

  • Requirement Gathering
  • Design and Development
  • Integration and Testing
  • Content Creation
  • Integration with social media and YouTube


The website we created for Deliverance Church 45 exceeded their expectations and provided them with a powerful online platform to engage their congregation and reach a wider audience.

  • Dynamic Calendar of Events
  • Dynamic Bulletin
  • Vibrant Blog Section
  • Gallery
  • Events Calendar
  • Integration to Social Media
  • Integration of Live Streaming


The website successfully enhanced their digital presence, streamlined communication, and provided an engaging platform for their congregation. The inclusion of the dynamic calendar, bulletin, gallery, events calendar, social media integration, and live streaming capabilities greatly enriched the church’s online experience.