About project

Period: Nov-Dec 2020

Client: TCB (A retail store)

Project: Social Media Advertising

We had the privilege of partnering with TCB, a leading electronics retail store, to execute an impactful social media advertising campaign. Our mission was to help TCB achieve remarkable results and elevate its brand presence in the digital landscape. This case study showcases our expertise in delivering successful campaigns that drive tangible business outcomes.

Our Task Was

Our task was to design and execute a dynamic social media advertising campaign for TCB. We aimed to generate significant conversions and drive qualified traffic to their online store. With a deep understanding of TCB’s target audience and its business objectives, we set out to create a campaign that would capture attention, spark interest, and ultimately lead to increased sales.


We did Advantage+ catalogue ads where we automatically served thousands of ads using machine learning to the audience.

  • Target Audience Analysis
  • Campaign Strategy and Creative Development
  • Ad Campaign Execution
  • Performance Monitoring and Optimization
  • Ongoing Communication and Reporting


The social media advertising campaign for TCB yielded outstanding results, exceeding expectations and delivering a significant return on investment. Here are the highlights:

  • 109 Purchases: The campaign successfully drove 109 direct purchases, demonstrating the effectiveness of the advertising strategy in converting prospects into customers.
  • Cost per Result of $0.92: With a highly efficient cost per result of $0.92, the campaign demonstrated the ability to achieve remarkable outcomes while maintaining cost-effectiveness.
  • Increased Brand Visibility: TCB experienced a substantial boost in brand visibility among the target audience in Nairobi, positioning them as a go-to electronics retail store.
  • Enhanced Sales and Revenue: The campaign’s success translated into increased sales and revenue for TCB, solidifying its position as a leading player in the electronics market.


The TCB social media advertising campaign showcases our agency’s expertise in crafting and executing highly effective digital marketing strategies. Through meticulous planning, data-driven optimization, and creative excellence, we were able to achieve outstanding results for TCB.