About project

Period: Feb-Mar 2023

Client: Coastshore Investment

Project: Search and Social Media Advertising

Coastshore Investment, is a prominent real estate company specialising in agricultural land and beach plots. We execute a highly effective digital marketing campaign. This case study highlights our expertise in leveraging innovative technologies, specifically a Facebook chatbot, to drive engagement and generate quality leads for our clients.

Our Task Was

Our task was to design and implement a digital marketing campaign for Coastshore Investment that utilized a Facebook chatbot as the primary tool for engaging with potential customers. With a deep understanding of their target audience and business objectives, we set out to create a campaign that would effectively capture the attention of prospects, nurture leads, and drive conversions.


We conducted research to understand Coastshore Investment’s audience, developed an intelligent Facebook chatbot, launched targeted ad campaigns, nurtured leads, and continuously optimized performance to achieve successful engagement and conversions.

  • Research & Analysis
  • Chatbot Development
  • Ad Campaign Execution
  • Lead Nurturing & Conversion
  • Performance Monitoring & Optimisation


The campaign effectively captured the attention of potential buyers, increased engagement, and positioned Coastshore Investment as a trusted brand in the real estate market. Here are the highlights:

  • Generated 98 high-quality leads through the Facebook chatbot
  • Achieved a cost per lead (CPL) of KES 133.92 (approximately $1)
  • Captured the attention of potential buyers and increased engagement
  • Positioned Coastshore Investment as a trusted brand in the real estate market
  • Demonstrated expertise in driving tangible business outcomes through innovative digital marketing strategies


The campaign’s outstanding performance, with a significant number of quality leads at an affordable CPL, demonstrates our expertise in driving tangible business outcomes for our clients.